China banned wildlife market
China banned wildlife market

“Wet markets” of China are going to be temporarily restricted and it will be under expanded supervision. This initiation is supported by animal rights activists and their aim is to slow down or prevent the outbreak.

In a wet market live meat, fish and other perishable goods can be sold. According to the Business Insider, the covid19 virus has been originated in a wet market in Wuhan.

Over 1000 people have died in China with the outbreak. Globally the number of infected persons was more than 43,000. The politburo standing committee has announced that its drawbacks in response to the spread of the virus are recognized. Moreover, the committee has pointed out that the wet markets will be severely cracked down.

china bans wildlife trade
Chinese wildlife trade

The committee has stated that “It is necessary to strengthen market supervision, resolutely ban and severely crack down on illegal wildlife markets and trade, and control major public health risks from the source.”

Wuhan 2019-nCoV is an infectious disease caused by a virus and its initial beginning is related to animals. Such diseases are called as Zoonotic diseases. Experts think that the virus spreads from animals like bats, snakes to humans.

The ban is just one action taken by the Chinese government to slow down the spreading of the virus. Furthermore, the Chinese government has proposed several methods to manage the spread of the virus such as quarantine programs all over the country,panic-building two hospitals.

Now the whole world is at a critical stage, and if you have any suggestions or if you have any thoughts please leave a comment below and share this news to wise up others.


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