Pangolins Banned From China’s Traditional List of Medicines

According to BBC, pangolins remain a defendant of the COVID-19 pandemic as they are recognized to have relating strains. Last week China imposed a permanent ban on pangolins from the official list of medicines after raising legal protection awareness for the threatened wildlife animal. This will give hope to environmentalists that are striving to put an end of the trade of the being that is globally precious.

Pangolins are not only treasured animals but also the most trafficked mammal that you have ever heard of. Since the year 2000 more than one million pangolins have been smuggled to the Asian continent countries such as India, Thailand, and Malaysia who consider that their meat supplies sexual and wellness advantages, while their scales are believed to provide natural Chinese medicinal benefits. However, being endangered  as well as constantly smuggled, it has been warned that they could be extinct in the near future.

A Pangolin climbing a rock in the wild
Image Credits: National Geographic

Just because they are identified to have strains relating there is no concrete proof. However, they came out positive for the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. Poaching that goes together with illicit trading is the significant reason why many animal species are either extinct or are close to extinction. But it does bear great news to know the efforts made by various organizations were not a waste of time to continue their population and stop smuggling and poaching.

A Pangolin cuddled up
Image Credits: Pinterest

Secretary-General of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), Zhou Jinfeng stated that he is encouraged as their constant efforts for theses endangered species in the recent years haven’t gone to waste.


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