Cats and Lizards Photographed Together Is The Most Amusing Thing To Ever Seen

Pets like cats and dogs do not easily give up on their natural wild instincts because it’s imprinted in their DNA. It is evident especially when their preys are under one same roof. However, what you are to see in this intense complication below, things are not that easy as you think.

Reptiles are tiny and big, they are living things and move fast which makes felines think they are a delicious meal or a toy to play with. However, surprisingly reptiles like cold-blooded lizards can make the best of friends with cats too. But do not be so relieved or happy about it. Reptiles of any kind are a danger to be kept in the surroundings of any pet in your household. This statement has been proved by many professionals and people from around the world.

Pet Lizard eating worms
Image Credits: Faizal Zakaria/Pixabay

An author and a certified cat behavior specialist, Rachel Geller made a statement with regard to this matter. Geller stated that lizard and cat encounters may look hilarious and adorable to us, along with that comes side effects. Cats are triggered by anything that moves fast. And once it is triggered the situation can be dangerous for both the cat and lizard, she said.

It is fatal for a lizard to be bitten or even scratched by a cat. And on the other hand, it is toxic for a cat to eat, play and even touch a lizard. Rachel went on to explain that many types of lizards carry parasites that would cause digestive issues and also cause harm to the liver or the gallbladder. Cats can also get salmonella from eating a lizard. All these threats can be life-threatening to felines.

Pet Cat Hunting
Image Credits: klimkin/Pixabay

However, the specialist advised that if anyone who wishes to keep cats and lizards under the same roof it is safer to keep them in separate rooms. It is because once a cat’s prey drive is stimulated it would make a way to get to the lizard.


White Lizard and cat
Image Credits: charles_the_dragon, charles_the_dragon


Grey cat and gray lizard
Image Credits: Spider8ait


Gecko hanging from the cat's lip
Image Credits: Meowsondeck


A cat sleeping on top of a lizard glass box
Image Credits: jadentearz


A cat petting the lizard
Image Credits: J_Wecker


A black cat and brown lizard
Image Credits: boobearvern


A brown cat and lizard
Image Credits: TrickyRonin


A cat friends with a lizard
Image Credits: ohheyitsnikki


A black and white cat with a lizard in its mouth
Image Credits: Booty-Juice


Three cats staring at a lizard
Image Credits: emilyMartian


A cat staring at a lizard on a window
Image Credits: sexyelderado


A lizard on top of a sleeping cat
Image Credits: Coked-Up


Three cats playing with a gecko
Image Credits: FZridindirty


Two black cats with a lizard
Image Credits: somephotographs


A brownish cat playing with a gecko
Image Credits: AsteroidRushGame


A white and brown cat petting a lizard
Image Credits: MrsbearBP2


A cat and lizard staring at each other
Image Credits: elayth


A cat aiming to scratch a lizard
Image Credits: Basile Morin


A lizard on the back of a cat
Image Credits: LeXmosse


Eating lunch together
Image Credits: Sherjones81


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