Anton Gihan is a Marine Engineer by profession & a Sri Lankan based wildlife photographer who conducts safari tours in Wilpattu National Park. Wilpattu National Park is world-famous as the ideal place to observe the elusive Sri Lankan leopard, among many other unique attractions.

While usually, this park is a must-stop of tourists, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, all the national parks are closed down. Not only has tourism been greatly affected, the people from around this area whose livelihood depends on the different services related to the park, have suddenly lost their only income. They have been doing this for years, that they simply don’t have any other choice at the moment.

Therefore, knowing very well the real-life struggle these people are going through right now, Anton is trying his best to do what he can on his part. He has initiated a fund to help out the poor families in need in the area as they don’t have any other income. He will be selling some of his photographs for this cause.

Message by Anton

“ Many around Wilpattu NP were dependent on daily wages. During this pandemic, many have lost their daily income. Though we would fight this battle & win someday, it would take some time for them to recover (weather isn’t helping them with cultivation either).

I’m selling some of my photographs to raise a fund to help the most needed families around Wilpattu. I’m setting a price tag of 20 USD for a digital image copy. It’s up to you to decide & help me to help some affected families. This way, you can join & help for a good cause. It’s zero profit & all the money will be allocated to help families.

Please be kind enough to share this and inform me if anyone is interested. TIA”

Contact Anton: Facebook | Instagram |
Mobile – +94772274810

Anton is planning a good cause, a much-needed cause at the moment. This is the same reason why we did not think twice to agree to publish his request. While this is a difficult time for everyone everywhere, let’s try to help the most vulnerable, in any little or big way we can.

Contact Anton: Facebook | Instagram |
Mobile – +94772274810

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