Breathtaking ‘Rainbow Halo’ Or Brocken Specter Looks Like Portal To Parallel World

Whether a child or an adult, we all love rainbows alike, right? All those beautiful and vivid colors in an arch-like shape, set against the blue sky with white cotton clouds, it’s such a magnificent sight, isn’t it?

What can possibly look even more magnificent and majestic than a rainbow?

A Brocken Specter!

What’s a Brocken Specter?

As always, Wikipedia came to the rescue:

Brocken Specter

Imagine hiking on a mountain and seeing a broken spectre! What a spectacular sight would it be! If I actually didn’t know about the existence of this natural phenomenon, I might have tried going through it thinking that it’s the door to a parallel world.

However, 39 year old Adrain Conchie experienced this natural phenomenon while he was walking on a fell in the Lake District, during . He described it as “magical” and “absolutely incredible”.

Brocken Specter

“I had always wanted to see one after seeing pictures online and hearing about how amazing they are from friends,” said Conchie. “When we got to the summit I looked down and there it was—it was so vivid.

Brocken Specter

“I thought it would disappear there and then but it stayed for a few minutes, it was a really magical experience.”

Another blessed person who witnessed this phenomenon is Rhys Pleming. He was climbing Snowdown in Wales when he saw it.

Brocken Specter

“I just gazed at it. Some people walked past it without even knowing what it was,” said Pleming.

Initially, he wasn’t planning on going on this hike with his friend Dale.

“Dale goes up every year for new year but I was 50/50 about going. But I’ll be forever in his debt.”


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