Video Of A Bride Taking Wedding Pictures Captures The Blast Of The Beirut Explosion

January 1, 2020, marked the beginning of a new decade that almost everyone looked into. This was a new start for everyone and a chance to lease on life. However, following a string of bad events namely wildfires, airplane crashes, the tragic death of a famous basketball player and his daughter, the killing of an innocent black man George Floyd, natural disasters, and the horrible outbreak of COVID-19 people wondered can this year get any worse.

Unfortunately, the bad times of this year seem to be never-ending. On Tuesday (04) a massive explosion was reported from Beirut, Lebanon killing at least 137 people and injuring 5000. The death toll is still uncertain as the Health Minister of Lebanon had stated hundreds of people remain missing.

Beirut, Lebanon explosion
Image Credits: Agence France-Presses/Getty Images

The reason for the explosion is still unknown. However, investigations will be conducted as said by the Prime Minister of Lebanon to probe into an estimated 2750 metric tons of the explosive ammonium nitrate that was stored in a warehouse. 300,000 people have sadly lost their beloved homes due to the catastrophic event. Lebanon had imposed a state of emergency for two weeks.

Beirut explosion damage
Image Credits: Agence France-Presses/Getty Images

A number of videos were released on social media. The heartbreaking moment the explosive goes off was also captured on camera by a photographer who at the time was working at a photoshoot of a married couple. While the photographer was capturing the happy moments of the woman draped in a stunning white wedding dress on her wedding day the explosion goes off and was captured all on a twenty-seven-second video by the photographer.

The joyful moment turned into utter horror in just seconds when the explosion decimated the entire city of Beirut. Immediately the photographer, the bride, and the rest who were present at the photo shoot ran for cover. In the video, it appears that nobody was harmed but it’s unclear how close the event took place from the explosion site.

Let’s keep these families in our prayers.


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