Travel Photographer Captures Sweet Reactions Of People When They Are Called Beautiful

‘You are beautiful’ are huge words that carry a whole lot of meaning when you mean from the heart itself. Sharing your positivity in the form of a positive compliment can make someone’s day and is an amazing positivity boost. It creates an elevated circle and will improve your own sense of fortune. Be a cause of positivity and joy in the lives of others. And that is exactly what the Turkish travel photographer Mehmet Genç did.

Mehmet Genç who goes by the name Rotasız Seyyah (when translated means “nomad without a route”) is a Turkish travel photographer that travels around the world capturing the most stunning and mesmerizing photos. However, one project in particular that he himself did, captured the heart and attention of many.

The “You Are So Beautiful” project was the simple idea of capturing the reaction of people Rotasız meets on his travels around the world, when they are told they are beautiful. Their reactions to the appreciation of their beauty were the most heartwarming reactions ever seen. The power a simple genuine compliment can be noticed in the photos below.

Mehmet (often going by Rotasız) stated in an interview that he loves to visit indigenous communities and remote regions around the world to capture photos of the people there. However, indigenous people are not that comfortable being captured for photographs. That is when an idea popped into Mehmet’s head, he just said “You are so beautiful” and the reaction of the persons was the sweetest thing ever.

Take a look at the photos captured of people’s reaction to the sweetest and genuine compliment.


Indigenous people reacting to a compliment


Old lady smiling for the compliment 'you are so beautiful'


Old lady's sweetest reaction to 'you are so beautiful'


A shy smile displayed by an indigenous lady for a compliment


young girl shyly hiding behind door


Old lady pleased to her a compliment of her beauty


Old indigenous lady shying away from camera for compliment


Sweetest reaction from old lady to a compliment


Sweet smile from old lady for a photo


Beautiful lady smiling at camera for a capture


Old lady genuinely smiling for the camera


Young girl smiling for the camera


Old indigenous lady posing for the camera with the sweetest smile


Indigenous lady smiling sweetly for the camera


Adorable reaction from indigenous person after being called beautiful


Old lady sweetly reacts to compliment by photographer


Old lady genuinely smiles for the camera


Young girl with small baby sweetly smiling for the camera


Photographer posing with indigenous lady

Image Credits: Facebook/Rotasız Seyyah


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