Curious Black Bear Sneaks Up On A Group Of Hikers For An Inspection

It was recently reported that a group of hikers were approached by a curious-looking black bear while trekking at a trail in Mexico. As stated by the individual who shared the video, this heart-stopping incident took place in Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia which is a trail famous for hiking.

The video shows the curious black bear calmly approaching the woman who is fixed still. It then stands on its back legs and begins to sniff the woman’s head. The friends of the woman who had joined along with her on the hike are seen standing completely still while the bear examined their friend.

A black bear near a woman

For a second, the black bear dropped onto the ground before abruptly standing back up on its hind legs while it holds the woman from her waist close to him and begins to sniff and inspect her again. However, onlookers who witnessed the scary moment tried to distract the animal but failed as it was too busy sniffing the human’s head.

A black bear sniffing a woman's head

While the bear continued to sniff the woman’s head, the woman managed to make it a chance to take a selfie. Call it perfect timing or whatever, before dropping to the ground on all fours the bear stood for the picture with the lady. This kind of reminds me of the movie Brave, except for the part that it was a human transformed into a bear in the movie.

A black bear sniffing the woman

Before the bear calmly wandered away after its inspection on the human, it swatted at the woman’s legs twice in the lightest way possible. Shortly after the bear walked away from the group, all three women sprung from their places of standing still and sped out of the area as quickly as possible.

There is something that we can learn from this viral video of how we should keep calm when we are approached by a bear. However, at the same time, we should understand the risk we put ourselves into when we do not follow the strict safety precaution guidelines provided by any government of any country.

Image Credits: Twitter/Rex Chapman


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