Wild Bear Lunges At Woman Who Stands Next To The Animal For A Picture

A video clip of a wild bear taking a frightening lunge at an anonymous woman went viral on TikTok. The owner of the primary video of this incident was Alessandro Bacaoanu But, adhering to the rules and regulations of TikTok, the video was later deleted. The incident took place in Romania but the proper location where it happened is unknown.

An anonymous woman as seen in the footage got more than what she ever expected and hoped for. She approached the wild furry bear with no trained professional skills to be seen. However, common sense did not prevail here as it should have as it is not recommended in any sort of way to approach a wild bear nevertheless a wild animal in any type of matter.

A woman standing close to a bear on the side of the road

The video shows the woman hopping out of the car while carrying something in her hand. And as she reaches the bear sitting on the side of the road, she stands too close for comfort to pose for a photo with the wild animal, hoping someone in the car would capture the moment. Well, it would have been a funeral in a matter of seconds if the lady did not move away as fast as she could.

A woman running away from a bear lunging at her

Within a matter of seconds, the bear turns towards the woman’s side and frighteningly lunges at the woman. As quickly as possible, the woman jumps back and runs to the car for safety (well, you couldn’t understand that before you approached the bear, could you?).

Romanian authorities are now forced to issue constant reminders that drivers or any other human beings should not approach bears seen on roads or treat them like pets.

Environment Minister Costel Alexe made a statement saying that the bear is protected by law. He further stated that if the bear tastes foods like biscuits and wafers, it makes him/her think this is an easy method to get food, and once a wild animal gets used to that life it will never again adjust to the wildlife again.

Image Credits: CEN


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