‘Simba’ The Baby Lion Was Saved From Severe Animal Abuse

Despite the presence of animal rights activists, profit and nonprofit care, and rescue organizations, tragic stories of abuse and cruelty were heard from all over the world in the past few days and weeks. Remember the unborn baby elephant and mother elephant from India? Due to less strict laws enforced by governments of many countries, such things continue to happen right in front of our eyes. For the greed of money, for the dislike towards animals, and for low mentality to even think, heartless humans, continue such horrific disasters.

A baby lion named Simba from Russia was found all wounded, beaten, and broken in a barn where he was used for tourist attraction. He had been taken away from his mother at a very young age by a cruel photographer to use him for photographs with tourists on beaches and wherever possible. When Simba grew a little bit older, his hind legs were broken and spine wounded by beating to prevent the cub from running away during photos.

A baby lion wounded from spine below
Image Credits: Dailymail

Simba was on the verge to die due to the abuse caused by a cruel human. Yulia Ageeva, the leader of the mission, stated that the lion cub has not been fed and it is notable that frost water has been poured all over him repeatedly.

Real Lion Cub with a teddy on the floor
Image Credits: Instagram/Karen Dallakyan

Thanks to the Gods above, Simba was saved from a living hell and was then directed to vet specialist Karen Dallakyan who was shocked to see the little fellow in such a condition. Simba is able to walk and play again after surgery was performed. However, the sad news is that he is forever deformed.

Baby Lion Simba staring at camera recovered
Image Credits: Facebook/Karen Dallakyans Zoo Fund

President Putin has demanded a criminal investigation into this case, with much shock. Thankfully, Simba is recovering well with so much of love provided by his current caretakers.


Doctor petting wounded baby lion
Image Credits: Instagram/Karen Dallakyan


A man and a lady taking care of the cub
Image Credits: Instagram/Karen Dallakyan


Man showing affection towards the baby lion
Image Credits: Instagram/Karen Dallakyan


Baby Lion looking so innocent
Image Credits: Instagram/Karen Dallakyan


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