Artist Takes A Critical Look At Modern Society Through His Thought-Provoking Illustrations

The young boy Same Bailey is 21 years old. He is an illustrator from Slough, the United Kingdom. He is good at taking a critical look at numerous subjects which is in modern society. He makes stimulating illustrations and questions the current world.

Initially, He began to create illustrations for his family and that is how he entered the art world in 2011. His artwork was in an intelligent and perfect way. Therefore, he reached many online people once he started posting them on the internet.

In his artwork, it is mostly social issues that we are facing in today’s world. Apart from that, health problems caused by social media to disparity and poverty.

Seems like you are curious to see what it is, checks out below provoking illustrations!

More info: Instagram

#1 Social Media Insomnia

Social Media Insomnia

#2 Play

#2 Play

#3 Global Warming

Global Warming polar bear

#4 Quench Your Ego

water tap

#5 Edit

photo shop hand

#6 Keyboard Wars

#6 Keyboard Wars

#7 Desensitize

children and gun violence

#8 First World Fear


#9 Limited Stock

painting of a rhino

#10 I Am Fine

smiley face

#11 Consuming Time

food and people

#12 Prescription Prevention

gloved hand

#13 End Poverty

malnourished child

#14 Repressed Creativity


#15 Compromise

shake hand

#16 Social Media Assassin

facebook gun

#17 Unlimited Knowledge

google eye

#18 What Do You See?

controlled man

#19 Impressions

child with shades

#20 Compare To Despair

blind man

#21 Puzzled



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