CDC Finds 40% Of Americans Practicing Dangerous Cleaning Methods To Fight Coronavirus

While the coronavirus has been threatening people from all over the world, WHO released a set of guidelines for people to follow in order to protect themselves from the virus. While most people followed these, some are also following risky methods that are dangerous.

During a conference last month, Trump suggested some strange methods of protecting oneself from the coronavirus which included putting UV light inside the body as well as using disinfectant to cleanse inside our bodies.

As dangerous as these methods sound, a report released by the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) in April was able to discover that many people – 40% of Americans to be exact – were following such methods dangerous to their health and safety.

US’ Poison Control is seeing a noticeable increase in phone calls to do with household accidents. One of the accidents reported was a woman cooking up chlorine gas in her sink while washing produce.

CDC Finds 40% Of Americans Practicing Dangerous Cleaning Methods To Fight Coronavirus
Image Source: CDC

Moreover, a survey was carried out to check people’s knowledge on household cleaning and disinfection. The survey examined 502 elderly in the US and the results showed that many lacked knowledge on several areas including safe preparation of cleaning products, protective gear necessary during cleaning and the storage of disinfectant products.

The worse results include 39% participants using bleach to wash food and cleaning products for home to wash their skin. In some cases, people were found ingesting and inhaling cleaning products meant for home.

Based on these findings, the CDC decided to make available clear guidelines and safety measures regarding cleaning as well as disinfecting.


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