These Paintings Are Beautiful Reminders Of Pain And Pleasure!

Morbid art is an art form that has gained immense popularity and a band of followers recent past which stands for works that illustrate a very deathly and deathlike mood. It has many variations starting from its gore scenes to its dark and depressed atmosphere and sometimes its daydreams, night screams, corpses, and horrifying images. The word morbid has derived from the Latin word “morbidus” which means diseased or sickness.

Most of the popular morbid artworks marked as masterpieces reflect grief and sufferings felt by the artists themselves. Predominantly, art enthusiasts have found these artworks more engaging and creative as compared to the ones with simpler themes.

In this post, we present some amazing examples of morbid and mystic art by Chelsey Franklin which brings images to life by portraying darkness and pain. We hope you’ll love some of them or at least will find them creative or inspirational. You can also follow her Instagram account zerouroboros for regular updates.

1. Accidental Bliss!

She painted this on a glass surface.

2. The Terror!

Scream it all out!

3. Saying Goodbyes!

It is indeed tough!

4. Barely Alive!

How miserable is this?

5. Born From Madness

The madness continues.

6. A Mystic Creature!

One of a kind.

7. When Sadness Sets In

The defines it completely.

8. Distressed

And no one’s around.

9. Gothic Horns

An anomaly.

10. Smile For The Clown!

What a sight!

11. Lupa

Tears of sadness.

12. Pinned Down!

Away from the world!

13. Apprehensive

How blinding it is!

14. Discomfort!

The forced smile.

15. Take Out?

Care for some Chinese?

16. Zombieland!

The walking dead!

17. Blinded!

The overpowering nature of technology.

18. Lavender Mist

Obsession with her hair!

19. It’s All Good Now!

Or is it?

20. The Lazy Bone!

So done!

21. Sacred That Once!

Now it’s all gone.

22. Look For A Memory!

Pretty tough huh?

23. Toxicity!

The venom spreads

24. The Forested Spirit

Stir a storm.


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