disappointed lover
disappointed lover

It has been proved again that long-distance relationships can often end up with disappointment. You may also have seen a recently uploaded video on twitter which shows a man wearing a teddy outfit reaches a couple at a food stall and then showing his face to them by taking off his bear head and walk away. That man with the bear outfit is a romantic man in china and he was very disappointed by seeing his girlfriend in another man’s arms.

After realizing the man in the bear outfit as her boyfriend the girl immediately runs off from the man who has cuddled her, to her boyfriend in the bear outfit. That downhearted man came all the 1500 miles long way, just to surprise his fiance on her birthday, wearing an adorable bear outfit. Then the girl tries to hug him but he rejected them with disappointment and he looks likes so broken.

Girl runs for her boyfriend

There were some pictures of the scene, taken by someone and uploaded, which reveals some hidden details of the incident. In those frames, the man puts the bear head back on after rejecting his girlfriend. Maybe he has done that to hide his tears caused by unexpected and heartbreaking last date of his lost love.

Girl with a bear

The tweets about this story got over 80,000 likes from people and they have responded with empathy. The way that the man puts his bear head back on, the posture of sadness and his emotions at the moment was noted by a person. It’s even hard to imagine for anyone, turning such a joyful moment with the girlfriend on her birthday to a bitter disappointment.

Do you think this should be the destiny of the typical long-distance relationships? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. And share this on social media with your opinions to minimize these heartbreaking incidents.


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