Mesmerizing Photos of African American Girls Dressed Like Disney Princesses

With the hope of inspiring black girls to see themselves as regal princesses, an Atlanta based photographer Kahran Bethencourt and her husband Regis teamed up with hairstylist LaChanda Gaston to bring fairy tale princesses to life along with a twist of their very own African American culture. The aim of the project was to inspire, reimagine, and redefine the traditional princesses with a bit of style, culture, and swag.

The concept first came to mind when Gaston was just a kid as she loves to read and watch fairy tale stories and would often reimagine them in a way they would look like her and would have a dash of the African American culture within them. Black girls often do not see themselves in fairy tale characters of what they consume but this was an empowering photoshoot that drew in a lot of attention from the African American community.

African American girl dressed in feathery dress

Finally, as Gaston grew older to have the opportunity to make a difference in the world, collaborating along with the Creative Soul Photography duo, a majestic, brave, beautiful, and iconic photoshoot came to life. Immediately after the photos were released on Facebook it went viral with thousands of people reacting to it.

African American Girl Dressed as a Disney Princess Modelling

However, some photographers often fail to bring out the natural beauty of models in pictures. Creative Soul states that no matter “your natural beauty is more worth than photoshopped pictures and to capture those mesmerizing moments, we go beyond the limit because everyone deserves to be seen.”

African American Girl Dressed As Cindrella

No matter what ethnicity, race, and religion you are, you are beautiful and unique in your own way. What’s worth it is preserving such precious moments in life and not letting anyone underestimate who you are. Enjoy the rest of the photos below.

#1 Mulan

African American Girl Dressed as a princess

#2  Snow White

African American girl dressed as snow white

#3 Aurora

Beautiful African American girl in a pink dress

#4 Pocahontas

Black girl dressed in princess costume with crown

#5 Tianna

African American girl dressed in white and green dress with long hair

#6 Elsa

Black girl in blue princess dress

#7 Ariel

Black girl dressed in colorful queen dress

#8 Rapunzel

African American girl in purple princess dress

#9 Jasmine

African American girl dressed as Jasmine from Aladin

#10 Moana

Black girl dressed as Moana

#11 Anna

African American Girl dressed Elsa

Image Credits: Facebook/Creative Soul Photography


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