A South Korean Yoga Instructor Going Viral On YouTube

Are you a fitness freak? Is doing yoga your top priority in the morning? Here’s someone that you’d love to know. Lee Sohee, a famous model and yoga instructor from South Korea. Her Yoga videos are trending on YouTube during quarantine, and now you might wonder why? She’s cute, strong and talented, and this pretty much sums up why she’s all over the internet.

Recently she hit 233k followers on Instagram. And some of them are too skeptical about the whole situation and probably questioning themselves about her sudden fame, while the others are too busy liking her pictures and stalking her 24/7 since the whole lockdown situation has got nothing to do rather than spend half of the day on social media.

If you wanna watch Sohees videos after reading the article, know that she doesn’t speak a bit of English. Every single word is uttered in Korean. But, her video got some good movements to pick up from. Flexible and strong.

Sohee says:

“I had eating disorder during my teens. Every since I started working out with virtual coaches and gradually understood what worked and what didn’t. I believe in moderation and sustainability in a fitness lifestyle, and I’ve tried to model that through my own cross-country moves, bikini shows, powerlifting, while nursing injuries, and going back to school.”

If you love fitness and yoga, then you should certainly check her out on Instagram. Also, take a peek on her YouTube yoga instructions to keep you pumped up during these days of lockdown. It will perhaps keep you motivated and healthy physically and mentally.


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