Marketers in today’s always-connected, information-rich world face an enormous challenge: A consumer’s brain can hold only so much information before it becomes fatigued. A person’s attention span is unavoidably scarce, and with the explosion of information available in our hands every day through personal devices, mobile marketers are fighting big odds to reach and engage their audiences.

However, with social advertising, it is easier to raise awareness about important and sensitive subjects and to motivate a change which we still seem incapable to make. Therefore, it’s very significant to reach people fast and efficiently. Therefore, the more alarming and irritating the ad is, the more attention it’s likely to attract and more voiceless voices will be heard.

This is an influential and attractive awareness-raising campaign was introduced over a month ago by Swiss Organization Tier im Recht (The Foundation for the Animal in the Law). It features 4 eye-catching images of animals in so-called BDSM clothes and a visible slogan: “No animal takes pleasure in suffering”.

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Tier im Recht

The clever ad reminds us all that animals, unlike people, can’t give consent to violent acts and abuse and they most definitely don’t have a ‘safe word’. We are the ones who can and should speak out for them.

Tier im Recht

This campaign was inspired by the animal rights violation in Switzerland. To this day, animals in Switzerland do not receive the legal protection they deserve, and as a result, countless animals live in unbearable conditions and no one is to be punished. TIR has been advocating for strong legal protection of animals since 1996. The main purpose of TIR’s actions is the continuous improvement of the human-animal relationship in a legal, ethical and social sense both on the national and international level. For this reason, TIR campaigns on a political and legal level for the transfer of correct knowledge and determined enforcement of the animal welfare provisions.

Tier im Recht

The unconventional concept of the campaign was created by Ruf Lanz advertising agency which has been supporting TIR pro bono for many years. This is, in fact, the fourth eye-catching and incisive campaign that they’ve collaborated on. They previously launched “Animals as trash”, “Animal judges” and “Behind Bars”. Needless to say, the animals in the photographs are computer-generated. 3D animals were modeled by internationally-known image concept house based in Bucharest, Carioca Studio.

Tier im Recht


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