On November 24, 1859, Charles Darwin published his theory on human evolution. Apart from all the other things that he had mentioned in human evolution, he stated that man was evolved from apes, and this is something that is widely known among children and adults.

Well, during quarantine, when people are locked inside their houses, the animals got to do all they wanted to, independently, without any distraction. It seems like nature is enjoying time without us.

This time what broke the internet was a monkey flying a kite. This interesting footage captured in India shows a monkey flying a kite from the top of a building. It is seen pulling the string of a kite as people watch in awe during the coronavirus lockdown in India. And this mind-boggling video went viral on Twitter like a wildfire.

Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service said, “Evolution happening fast due to lockdown,”. He assured his followers that “yes, it’s a monkey for sure.”

One user wrote, “Rise of the planet of the apes – RELOADED”, while another said, “Can’t even imagine that a monkey can fly a kite”.

“While Monkeys are flying kites, humans are in the caves. This is what Nature does to restore normalcy as part of its cleansing act I am waiting for butterflies to sit on my hand to mark the end of corona.”

Check the video below


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