A Herd of 50 Elephants Crosses a Highway in Thailand

We’ve seen dogs cross roads at the traffic signal. But have you seen elephants doing the same? Well, this spectacular moment happened in Chachoengsao, east of Bangkok, when a herd of baby and adult elephants moved across through a highway.

It is said that a large matriarch elephant led around 50 elephants and set foot to the roadside from the forest in 40 seconds.

The police officials made sure the elephants were carefully sent to the nearby forest. The filmer, Pratya Chutipat Sakul, said: ‘Nearly 50 wild elephants passed through the roadside. They were crossing collectively from one side of the forest to the other.”

The wild rangers had been keeping track of the large mammals since the last couple of days.

“’When wild rangers witnessed that the tuskers were relocating towards the freeway, they informed the police officers and immediately locked up the route.”

“Police officers showed up to make sure that the elephants crossed without a problem and there were no mishaps.”

“It’s not a hassle for us to wait for the tuskers, as the extremely crucial thing is that they’re unharmed and protected.”

“The large mammals were all so quiet and hardly acknowledged humans. I am fortunate to witness such a remarkable event.”

Even though warnings had been given to the public of that area, some of them ignored and were brutally killed by the herd elephants. A 53-year-old mango picker and a monk was found dead in the East of Bangkok and is believed to be stomped by the herd of elephants that night.


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