Eugene Bostick, a retired old man from Fort Worth, Texas, embarked on a new career after his retirement. He decided to dedicate his life helping abandoned dogs.

Most of us desire to have pets directly from a pet shop and would look if the pet is healthy, and eventually, we’d end up having a pet which would fill out our expectations. But this is not the case with the old Eugene. He chose his dogs which were rejected and left to starve on the streets.

He lives down a dead-end street, where he has a horse barn. So, people have made it a habit to come there and dump dogs to starve. Eugene takes the responsibility of these helpless dogs, feeding and taking care of them.

Apart from feeding and allowing the dogs to live with him, Eugene found an adorable way to make them happy by taking them on small trips and showing them around other places as well. His notion to help his dogs travel paved the way for him to build a dog train.

One day, he had seen a guy with a tractor that had attached cars for pulling rocks. He thought that the same kind of thing would do for a dog train, too. Being a good welder, it was an easy task for him. And that’s how the dog train was made.

The dogs love these rides so much that they jump up in excitement when they hear the engine starts. They come running and jump in on to their seats. Eugene and his nine dogs are mostly seen down quiet streets around town or through the forest near their home, or stopping by a local creek for some fresh air.

Eugene and the dogs have a pretty decent number of fans who would stop by and take pictures with them. For Eugene, it’s all about keeping the dogs happy and he claimed that he finds the dogs to be cheerful passengers and he enjoys driving them around.


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