$35,000 Worth Food Was Thrown Away By A Grocery Store

There is a supermarket chain in Pennsylvania called Gerrity’s supermarket. The joint-owner of that supermarket is Joe Fasula. Some departments of the store were quickly getting empty. And the staff of his 9 stores was paid an extra $1 for an hour for their commitments.

“It’s been a tremendous drain,” he told WNEP. “Our employees are exhausted. They’re all working at least six days a week and 8, 9, 10 hours a day.”

After a  few days later, Joe had an awful announcement to make on his Facebook. He began to note down his announcement as, “Today was a very challenging day”.

His dreadful experience was a woman who was considered as a burden to the society by police, entered into the store and did a loathsome and brutal prank.

That woman has purposely coughed on products on the grocery in a time that all are having a dreadful time period because of the outbreak of Covid-19.

Because of that disgusting prank, the staff had to cast away grocery items worth more than $35,000.


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