660-Pound Woman Loses 267 Pounds In A Single Year

A 24-year-old woman named Amber Rachdi garnered attention due to her appearance on the TLC’s show “My 600lb Life”. Amber, who has developed a very unhealthy relationship with food, was extremely obese, and appeared on the program because she was determined to change for the better.

At the time of her appearance on the show, she consumed 4-5 large portions of food and lots of desserts and snacks. Her immense weight affected her so much, that she was unable to leave the house without a scooter, due to an infection in between her fat folds. This inconvenient lifestyle was the main reason why Amber decided to take the major step for a healthy future.

Amber Rachdi

In order to fight her unhealthy eating, Amber had to go through gastric bypass surgery. Though she needed the guidance of a specialist to adjust to a new nutritional routine, the specialist conditioned her to lose 22 pounds by herself, if he was to help. However, Amber could lose only 17 pounds on her own, but the specialist agreed to help. With a right dieting and fitness plan, under the guidance of the right instructor, Amber managed to lose 92 pounds, which is unbelievable!

Her fitness plan didn’t stop at 92 pounds. With immense efforts, she managed to lose a sum of 189 pounds within few months.

When she met her doctor again, she weighed 253 pounds. As a solution to the additional skin sticking to Amber’s legs, arms, and stomach, her doctor performed skin removal surgery on them. Amber’s transformation at the end of the show was totally amazing!

Even after the end of the show, Amber never backed down from her new lifestyle. She stayed committed to her new fitness and eating plan, and never gave up and returned to the old unhealthy habits. With the great deal of discipline and determination, Amber continues to get healthier every day!


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Sticking to a tight diet, and staying motivated by oneself is pretty hard, and that’s what makes Amber’s story very special. According to DailyMail, Amber has lost around 267 pounds in just one year, which is absolutely incredible!

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