The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi

Building a better world for all of us begins with a few simple actions. During the 1930s, the American Humane Association organized a “Be Kind to Animals Week” the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history, and the nation’s longest-running humane education campaign. So they shared posters of people how they take care of animals. These endearing posters used artist’s Morgan Dennis’ work who was already known for his drawings, mainly of dogs. Each poster had an illustration of a polite child shown looking after an animal. The main objective of the posters was to spread the message that people have to treat animals in a better way.

Check below and see these adorable posters for yourself. Share your thoughts with us.


dog, cat and a boy


girl and boy with a squirrel


boy and dog


boy feeding a dog


cat and dog


bory feeding milk to cat and dog


car baby and puppy


girl with dog and cat


lady carrying an ill dog


horse and dog with a boy


horse and boy


black dog and white cat


singing dog


boy holding a dog


girl and pets


dalmatian dog and persian cat


sleeping dog


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